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Labeling Reference Guide for Singapore is available in our RegData library.

This is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool, created by our in-house experts that can help you find your way around complex labeling rules set by food regulator in Singapore. It is aimed to provide guidance on which information is mandatory, which parts of it are voluntary and what should a label actually look like. Remember that you can try RegData for free.

Labeling Legislation in Singapore

In Singapore, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is the statutory board responsible to ensure food safety from production up to just before retail.  The AVA administers a total of 9 statues, including the Sale Food Act (Chapter 283). This act secures wholesomeness and purity of food and fixes standards for foods, ensures food security and provides for the regulation of food establishments.

The Subsidiary Legislation of the Sale of Food Act (Chapter 283) includes several Sale of food regulations, and also Food regulations, whose first edition was published in 1988 and last revised version was issued on 30th of November, 2005. All food, drinks and edible agricultural products, including food ingredients, whether locally manufactured or imported to Singapore are required to comply with the prevailing requirements laid down in the Food Regulations.

Part I, II and III of Food Regulations G.N. No. S 264/2005 are the relevant parts for labeling and were last amended on 15th of April 2011.


Labeling of prepackaged food products shall include the following information:

singapore food labeling.jpg


According to the legislation, nutrition labeling is required only when nutrition claims, or permitted health claims are made.

singapore nutrition information.jpg

Declaration of other nutrients is mandatory when such nutrients are the subject of a nutrition claim in the nutrition information panel in addition to the ‘core list’ of nutrients.

For powdered beverages, an additional column of per 100ml (as reconstituted) has to be included.

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