Sweden publishes Guide on how to assess the Risk of Allergic Reactions in the population

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Posted By: Nicholas Galbussera

sweden-publishes-guide-on-how-to-assess-the-risk-of-allergic-reactions-in-the-populationOn September 5th, 2022, the Swedish Food Agency (SFA) published the second version of the Scientific report on Undeclared Allergens in Food named “Guide on how to assess the Risk of Allergic Reactions in the population”.

This risk assessment guide offers comprehensive information as follows:

  • How SFA will assess the risk for allergic reactions in a population when the concentration of an undeclared allergen is known according to analytical results;
  • The Risk Assessment guide also follows the publication of the FAO/WHO summary report on reference doses for food allergens (FAO/WHO, 2021);
  • This guide is an important tool in aiding food business operators to make risk-based decisions regarding the handling of Food Allergens.


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