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Taiwan: Updated Pesticide MRLs

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Posted By: Annie He

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On December 12, 2016, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) published an amendment to “Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Foods”. These changes took effect immediately.

The amendment details as below,

New added residue limits: Cyanophos in peach, pear, apple; Dichlorprop in apple; Fenpyrazamine in grape, dry grape, grape juice; Iprovalicarb in grape; Methomyl in lily, coriander leaves, Glossogyne tenuifolia, fennel leaves, ginger lily, chrysanthemum flower, lotus; Metolachlor in cabbage, onion; Pyrifluquinazon in nectarine, Citrus fruit, Persimmon, Peach, Tea, Pear, Apple.

Modified residue limits: Residue limits of Spinosad in apple was modified from 0.1ppm to 0.2ppm.

Definition of pesticide residue: MRLs for metolachlor are established for the sum of S-enantiomer and R-enantiomer of metolachlor.

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration regularly updates pesticide regulations, issuing, in average, 4 amendment per year. Amendments are based on the latest safety assessment information submitted to the TFDA.

Detailed information on pesticide MRL changes can be found here (in Chinese).

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