What’s New in the Chilean Food Law?

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Posted By: Ofelia Medina


Between June and November 2016 the Chilean Ministry of Health has released several decrees and resolutions that will have impact on the overall food legislation in Chile.

Most of these decrees published in the National Congress Library amend the Supreme Decree No. 977/96, Sanitary Regulation of Food, the key food safety regulation in Chile.

Latest modifications to the Chilean Supreme Decree No. 977/96

Decree 11/16: changing hygiene requirements at the point of sale

Decree 23/16: changing requirements related to food freezing

Decree 26/16: changing the definition of ground beef

Decree 29/16: changing the definition of edible oils of marine animal origin and algae and modified edible marine oils

Decree 32/16: redefining the scope of the key regulation

Decree 33/16: editing the definition of edible salt

Veterinary drugs regulation

Resolution 690/16 - Modifies exempt resolution No. 551, 2014, which sets maximum residue limits of veterinary drugs in food for human consumption, setting the MRL for Lufenurone in farmed fishes.

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