Press Release: Selerant Unveils Enhanced Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System for Food and Beverage Brands

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New Collaboration and Data Analysis Tools Support Digital Transformation and Streamline Product Launch Timelines for Process-Based Manufacturers

New Orleans, LA–June 3, 2019 - Selerant, a leading global provider of formula-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software for food and beverage manufacturers, has announced a new version of its flagship product, Devex PLM. The latest release, Devex 3.8, offers more deeply integrated product data management, labeling, compliance, and product portfolio analysis features that enable product developers to reduce bottlenecks in time to market while improving innovation decisions.

As part of this release, Selerant will be exhibiting at the 2019 IFT Annual Event and Expo on June 3-5 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Visit Selerant at booth 1257 to schedule a guided demonstration of the Devex PLM system.

“Manufacturers must meet an ever-increasing set of industry demands and product development needs, all while driving accelerated product time to shelf and remaining compliant,” said Jacopo Colombo, Selerant’s Chief Technology Officer. “The latest Devex 3.8 PLM platform helps manufacturers reduce product time to market and development costs with integrated tools and processes that boost the collaboration, visibility, harmonization, validation, and traceability of data and actions performed at every stage of the product management lifecycle.”

Devex 3.8 continues to offer a superior user experience for managing product lifecycle decisions with improved label creation, enhanced document collaboration options, and a new set of regulatory and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) features.

With Selerant Devex 3.8, manufacturers can take advantage of:

  • New Innovation Management Dashboards: Devex 3.8’s Innovation Process Management suite offers new interactive, visual charts in its portfolio dashboard, enabling manufacturers to make quick, accurate decisions around new product development and launch.
  • Automatic Document Management: Users across departments can more efficiently collaborate on the most up-to-date versions of product documents using an enhanced PDF viewer and annotation tool that automatically tracks note sharing, document markups, and document versioning.
  • Transparent Label Creation and Publishing: Product developers can easily create and format nutritional facts panels, ingredient and allergen statements with Devex 3.8’s new visual, intuitive and dynamic set of labeling tools. Publish labels in digital formats.
  • Updated EHS Legislation: Manufacturers can stay informed with new legislative requirements in the hazardous chemicals market due to a new framework for the UFI codes management, support of ADR 2019, new GHS modules, and new regulatory analysis for detergents.
  • Robust Environmental Impact Analysis: Additional configurations for food loss calculations in Selerant’s Ecodex module allows manufacturers to more accurately track losses in food and packaging steps along with the environmental impact of production.

By unifying these critical aspects of New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI), Selerant continues to enable manufacturers to manage data-driven innovation, R&D, specification and formulation management, product portfolio management, compliance, and packaging all in one, which supports a seamless and continuous collaboration with suppliers and partners in a real-time quality monitoring solution.

Welch’s, one of the largest juice producers in the world, stresses the importance of using one integrated platform that can not only facilitate digital PLM steps, but also act as the single source of truth for product data for more intelligent, competitive time-to-market timelines.

The company currently uses Devex PLM to respond to create more efficient, data-driven decision making around new product research and development.

“Devex has really transformed our ability to use more information faster and earlier on in the innovation process,” said Susan Kelley, Senior Research Scientist at Welch's. “When our sales team sees a need in the market for a product with a certain component, Devex enables us to jump on it. With the material cost function, we can quickly evaluate how new materials will impact our M&I targets. Our product developers can then search all of the experimental or current ingredients in our portfolio and instantly use them in new formulas. With the labeling tool, we can also provide customers with nutritional facts panels before they even see the product.”

By streamlining the process steps and data management required for more efficient, analytics-driven product launch, Selerant continues to expand its international portfolio of companies using the Devex system like Bacardi, Ghirardelli, Nestlé, Campari, Lindt, and many other leading global brands.

The IFT Expo will take place on June 3-5, 2019, and will showcase the latest innovations from technology leaders in the global food industry.

Selerant will be located at booth 1257 in the Exhibit Hall. For more information on Devex, visit

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