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Posted By: Suzana Tripologos

This is the second post in a series adapted from our 2022 User Conference panel discussion about "Leveraging Technology to Confidently Move Products Around the Globe." View our first post here.

Panel participants:
Suzana Tripologos, Selerant
Lindsay Runnels, Ghirardelli
Linda Lewis, Brown-Forman
Alex Eapen, Cargill

Food manufacturing industry workers rely on accurate, timely information to help guide their day-to-day roles. Compliance experts within a company who communicate critical information clearly, regularly, and succinctly earn their colleague’s trust and respect.

Awash in an ocean of data and conflicting messages

Food manufacturing workers are confronted each day with a tsunami of data and information that may or may not be relevant to their job. Without clear guidance, workers eager to meet product delivery goals and other deadlines will pull from whatever resources they can find, perhaps to a company’s detriment. 

How to find and quickly share relevant, accurate regulatory information 

Compliance and regulatory professionals are on the vanguard of each manufacturer’s quest to remain current and compliant within a constantly shifting regulatory landscape. The right tools are key to enabling clear understanding and the best possible monitoring outcomes. 

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Such tools make it easier for you to share critical information and keep your colleagues at every level apprised of what is happening in the world of regulation. 


Selerant’s Compliance Cloud can help you gain and maintain expert status 

Compliance Cloud makes it easy to find salient, actionable information without wasting days or weeks researching evolving regulations. Compliance Cloud provides early alerts about impending regulatory changes, and comes with three core functionalities, including: 

  1. REGDATA®. This food regulatory database contains comprehensive lists of additives, flavoring substances, pesticides and contaminants. REGDATA® makes it easy to run quick compliance assessments and perform go/no-go assessments on product formulations. 
  2. Food News Monitoring System. Compliance Cloud organizes legislative documents and news for all relevant industry verticals in a single place, making it a breeze to run custom queries and receive early email alerts about changing regulations.
  3. A global team of RSA experts. Compliance Cloud comes with access to a team of regulatory experts around the globe, ready to answer your questions on a per-project basis.  


And of course, Compliance Cloud integrates easily with Selerant’s formula-based PLM system, Devex.

Alex Eapen of Cargill discusses the benefits of integrating both systems:

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