Compliant Labeling Best Practices

| Product Lifecycle Management | Food & Beverage
Posted By: Michelle Duerst


What is your labeling saying to your customers?

Your product label relates several pieces of valuable information to your consumers that eventually impact their decision to buy your product.

Your voice must be both clear and accurate to address:

  • Demographic: Define your target group. What demographic are you trying to reach? What appeals the most to this specific group?
  • Certifications and Exclusions: What are the specific needs of your demographic?  How will these be easily related to your customers?  Do they have allergies?  Sustainability or health concerns?
  • Claims: What can you legally claim as a benefit? How accurate is this data?
  • Goal: What specific objective or pain point does your product solve for your customer?  Will it make their dishes cleaner?  Improve health? 
  • Contrast: What differentiates your product from the competition?
  • Informative: Can they view additional information about your product with their mobile devices?


How do you generate compliant labeling?

Mistakes in labeling can have significant blows to brand loyalty and overall profitability with costly recalls. PLM solutions can reduce risk with direct access between your label generation and formulation development tools.

 “Historically, manufacturers designed packaging, artwork and labeling independently from developing new products. Now they seek work that is concurrent with product development. As ingredients change, manufacturers seek more streamlined updates to nutrition claims, advertising, ingredients labeling and so on. Also, manufacturers want to more efficiently manage variants of labeling and artwork for different markets.“[1]


Your PLM tool should allow you to configure templates, define alternate names, and customize language translation. After defining these templates, create automatic alerts for any product changes. 


[1] Source:  Gartner, Hype Cycle for Consumer Goods, 2013 by Don Scheibenreif and Dale Hagemeyer, July 2013