Industry specific templates for product life cycle management

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Posted By: Federico Fontanella, PMP


At Selerant, we understand that navigating the implementation process for a product lifecycle management (PLM) software can be overwhelming, hectic and time consuming. That’s why we’ve analyzed more than 25 of our customer deployments over the past 10 years to identify common system needs and create industry specific templates to accelerate Devex system implementations while reducing costs in order to achieve your ROI objectives. 

The Devex Baseline System

Created in 2014, the Devex Baseline System aligns with the “Process” pillar of the four main pillars of Professional Services to which Selerant subscribes. The other pillars include “Resources,” “Services” and “Communication.”

By way of generating these industry specific templates, Selerant is able to provide a configurable starting point for PLM implementation. Based on the specific vertical market of each customer, the templates include workflows, objects and calculations relevant to that vertical. Selerant determined these functionalities based on our analysis of common problems and shared solutions that our customers in each vertical have applied to configure the Devex system to meet their unique needs.

Industry verticals include:

Template benefits

Every organization wants to more quickly and effectively configure a new system to integrate with its existing business processes and workflows. Meeting this challenge is exactly the goal of the Devex baseline system. 

Not only does the Devex Baseline System serve as an accelerator for Devex implementations, but it can also be leveraged as a prototyping and learning tool for super users in the initial phases of a project.

Other benefits include: 

  • Establishing best practice guidance
  • Expediting requirements gathering
  • Allowing for a more predictive price structure of the final solution 

What comprises the Devex Baseline System?

The Devex Baseline System has three main components: the templates themselves, instructions for template use and configuration, and the configuration tool used to customize the templates.

The modular architecture of these templates combined with our powerful configuration tool provides customization based on the customer profile and business requirements, so the overall experience and configuration is unique to each customer. The system configurator can choose from 20+ available business processes to customize the Baseline System to your organization’s needs. 

New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) stages that the templates address 

Baseline templates address the following Devex modules, each tied to a specific NPDI stage:

  • Innovation Process Management 
  • Product Development
  • Product Data Management
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Supplier/Partners Collaboration

In terms of documentation, Selerant provides complete literature and information around technical implementation as well as implementation from a project manager’s perspective. This documentation helps the PM identify business processes and workflows the baseline system supports.