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Posted By: Abhijit Ghawate

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New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) and Supply Chain processes require high-quality, accurate product data in order to make informed decisions during product development for cost, quality and performance optimization.

For this reason, organizations must have a strong system in place by which clients and suppliers can collaborate and securely trade data to minimize errors and not disrupt a product’s time to market.

The Selerant Supplier Collaboration Portal securely and simply connects clients and suppliers to ensure accurate and efficient flow of data.

Common pain points encountered during supply chain management

Missing and/or expired data
Old data, or holes in product data, negatively impact decision-making in many business processes.

Enforcing data quality standards
Organizations must distinguish between the good—complete, correct and timely—data, and the bad, or corrupt, data. Oftentimes, manufacturers and vendors alike must compare data from multiple sources, so implementing a set of guidelines is key.

No data standardization
In an environment of multiple suppliers, the same and different data may be structured differently. This complicates clients’ task of determining which materials are suitable for a given product.

Complex regulatory issues
Regulatory and compliance teams need to answer the questions, “can I use this material in my particular application,” and “can I sell my ingredients/products in this market?”

Poor visibility for supplier activity – progress/status reports
This phenomenon is best described as, “chase—wait—repeat!”

Significant resources/effort requirements
Organizations require immense resources to on-board and manage a diverse portfolio of vendors. Tasks like data re-entry, updates and validations are necessary and tedious. 

How can Selerant help? The Supplier Collaboration Portal (SCP)

The Selerant Supplier Collaboration Portal is an online platform designed to support and enhance the client-supplier relationship by:

  • Connecting product data management business processes and workflows
  • Facilitating information exchange (documents and specifications) online between partners
  • Improving visibility into supplier status

The system architecture is simple and secure.


The supplier collaboration portal is hosted in the cloud (internet) separate from the Devex PLM system, which is usually behind a firewall inside the company network. This ensures security and prevents direct outside access to the Devex system. The supplier is automatically provided with credentials to this collaboration portal in the cloud once the client creates his profile in Devex. The supplier uses the collaboration portal exclusively and does not interact with the Devex system. From the Devex system, the client will push data (questionnaires, specifications etc.) to the supplier collaboration portal for the supplier to view/fill out OR pull data (completed questionnaires, signed documents etc.) provided by the supplier from the portal.

Who does the SCP help? 

  • R&D/Technical Services
  • Supply Chain/Corporate Quality
  • Regulatory
  • Master Data
  • Procurement 

Benefits of a strong supplier relationship management program 

Keeping data up to date
Once setup, the portal helps you track and keep your supplier data and all documents provided by the supplier up-to-date. You can setup expiration dates and reminders on documents about to expire. The supplier is automatically notified and has the opportunity to update his document. All this without you having to track, remember and chase after your supplier for accurate and up to date data. 

Improved efficiency and productivity
Remove unnecessary steps in data management and better communicate workflow visibility.

Risk reduction and better decisions
Improved data quality results in fewer errors. The SCP minimizes insufficient and inaccurate documentation.

Centralization and standardization
With the SCP, clients and vendors enjoy a simplified systems landscape; Devex becomes an accessible central point. Structured and verified data from suppliers is available directly in Devex, and users can publish internal specifications and documents directly to Devex.